Ann Marie plans on losing 14 pounds with this food & fitness plan. Think she can?

Ann Marie is a 5 Minutes to Fitness+  Club member and part of Susan’s Health Challenge.  She’s one of my Health Coaching clients and here’s a plan we came up with during our latest coaching session:

Goal- lose 14 pounds by Sept 1. Already lost 2 pounds in first week

Training Plan
  • 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Band workout, 5 times per week for 20 minutes per session = 300 cals x 5= 1500 cals per week
  • Zumba 3 times per week at 600 cals per session x 3 = 1800 cals per week
  • or
  • Walking for 60 minutes = 350 cals x 6 = 2100 cals per week (She goes on vacation in a week)
1800 cals (Zumba) + 1500 cals (Bands) = 3400 cals burned per week doing exercise.
Food Plan
  • Eat 1200 cals per day.
  • Track her meals using My Fitness Pal
Summary- She will eat 1200 calories per day and burn on average 300 – 900 cals per day doing her band workout and/or Zumba or walking
She agrees to:
  • Report total calories of exercise and food per week.
  • Commit to using myfitnesspal to track food
  • Weight goal- 14 pounds already lost 2 so lose 12 by sept 1.

Send her a word of encouragement and support. Go Ann Marie!

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  • Elizabeth

    Hi Ann Marie, I definitely believe that you will lose 12 more pounds sticking to this schedule. It sounds like a great plan! I like how you adjusted your training plan to work with your vacation. Good luck. Let me know if I can support you. Elizabeth