Susan’s & Her Team Health Challenge Update: She lost 3.4 pounds after last week’s debacle! She’s sick and tired of being fat…

Susan kicked butt this week, and so did Mary, losing 9 pounds already, and Ann Marie losing 4 pounds in 10 days!  Well Done Jane, Elizabeth and Elana!


The info below is my week at a glance.  I had a great week all things considered.  I had a loss this week of 3.4 pounds.  My goal was to lose a minimum of 2 pounds per week- this week I redeemed myself after last week’s debacle.

(8/4 – 8/10) 7 days, 35 points possible per category, 120 points maximum score:

  • Eat 3 -5 healthy meals per day: 30/35
  • Exercise 5 times this week, minimum of 5 minutes per day: 30 / 35
  • Journal all meals, exercise, & stressors per day: 20 / 35

Total Score Earned: 80 points

Special Personal Goal: Do not eat crap from the snack bar while at the pool: Achieved this goal 3 out of 3 days.

Here are the positive things/changes that occurred this week:

  • The accountability of this 7 week Challenge- It’s keeping me honest, and it is strengthening my resolve to permanently shed my excess weight and become physically fit.
  • Still not enjoying exercise, but it is starting to become a habit through repetition.
  • Had a few occasions when I got really stressed out and did not eat to feel better; in fact, it popped into my head, that if I did eat, I would be 10 times madder at myself later. Gaining better impulse control.

Stressors for the week:

  • Exhaustion: 12 to 14 hour work days- looking forward to September and the more leisurely days to come.
  • Difficulty in falling asleep early and waking up on time. Needing to wake up and start my day before the light of day, existing on 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night on average- this is getting old.
  • Frustration in regard to not being home enough to get anything done in my own house, or see enough of my family.
  • Feeling badly about not responding promptly and more thoroughly to my challenge team members.

Weight on 8/3:  273.8 lbs /  Weight on 8/10:  270.4 lbs

Loss this week:  3.4 lbs – Week 4 of Challenge

Total Challenge Loss:  5.8 lbs

Total Loss to Date:  60.6 lbs

This week was all about grim determination and redemption for me.  Last week sucked in a major way.  I let myself and my team down; I don’t think I could have felt any lower.  I took all that negativity and channeled it into behaviors that would ensure I had a better result this week.  I swam laps, I walked Norton, I used my bands- sometimes I did all three in the same day.  I weighed myself daily, I logged my meals in my Fitday tracker, and jotted down thoughts as they occurred to me in regard to stress, exercise, etc… The result? A loss of 3.4 lbs this week.  You’d think I’d be happy about it, but I am not.  I’m mad.  I wanted to lose 4 plus to gain some ground after last week’s train wreck.  Four weeks of the challenge down and only 5.8 lbs to show for it.  It reminds me of treading water- a whole lot of energy and motion, and going nowhere despite great effort.  I sort of feel like I have been at a standstill now for months, and it’s getting pretty old.  Last December I got a gift certificate to my favorite Italian restaurant.  I was down about 80 pounds at that point, and I refused to use it until I hit my 100 lb loss milestone.  I still have that gift certificate, and I haven’t been to that restaurant.  I refuse to go there until I feel I have earned it.  Perhaps it’s taken this period of stagnation and yo-yoing of my weight to make me consider what it is that I am really trying to achieve here.  I am sick of being fat- it’s beyond the sheer aesthetics.  I am buried in blubber and I want to be able to break free and move with ease and grace.  I want to be healthy and fit.  And ok, I do want to look great in the types of clothes I can’t even imagine wearing at my current size.  I know how to eat correctly now, and even though I hate doing it, the exercise thing is a no brainer too.  My biggest enemy is my stress level- Peter has pointed this out and so have my team members.  If I can figure out how to manage that, then everything else will fall into place.  I have a couple of things in mind to combat my stressors; I will fill you in next week on how it goes.  For once, I am adding my own weekly goal here in addition to the ones already in place- I will spend my week finding ways to better manage my stress, prioritize my tasks, and find a few moments here and there to stop and smell the roses. I intend to be fierce this week, I am sick of treading water…

Team Members Update 
Short term Goals
  1. Lose 10 pounds by 9/1/12 - Lost 9 lbs total
  2. Food Journal Daily - Journaled every day via Fitbit Foodlog
  3. Read in bed at night instead of Netflix-watching on laptop – helps me sleep better and cuts down on stress/anxiety - Achieved 6 out of 7 nights.  Sleeping really well.
  4. Just ordered a Fitbit and will follow my progress with this device - and become ”connected” with family/colleagues/friends who have the same device for added accountability. Monitored/used Fitbit every day.
Daily plan:
  • Take a regular lunch, away from my desk, at least 2 times a week – do something non-work related during this lunch - This was a bit of a crazy week with traveling, etc.
  • When entertaining for work or out socially, substitute at least one round of drinks with seltzer - Even with my family in town, I skipped quite a few rounds of drinks.  Went out one evening and drank the same beer for about an hour.
  • Bands three days a week - with traveling this week, only did bands twice
  • Work out with a friend at least once a week – plan ahead and get it on the calendar! Same friend bailed on me for spin last night.  I still went.  Maybe need to find another work out friend
  • Mix up work outs – spin, elliptical, ride bike outside, and what else?  Focus on the fun in these varied work-outs. I did spin and elliptical this week but missed bike ride on Sunday.
Ann Marie
Sorry no check in during the week but as much as I need support, I wanted to show myself that I can do this and I found out something about myself, when I put my mind to it, I can do it!  Since I saw you 10 days ago, I’ve lost 4 pounds, I’ve done the bands every day and I’ve walked 8 out of 10 days and did Zumba 1 day. My only downside not tracking consistently. Still an issue but now that I’m home my goal this week is to plan and track.
Hi . Heres my update for week. Not great (It was Jane’s Bday after all :-)

  • kept tracker all week
  • 20 min bands 5 days/ swam 1 day. ran 3 days, barre class 3 days
  • ate too many unhealthy snacks instead of eating veggies
  • worked out with Peter once
  • too much bday celebrating!!! :-)
Looking forward to getting back on track this week!!!
  • Drink 60 oz of water … every single day, probably more on some days
  • Record all meals in a journal during or at end of day. Still not consistent with this, but I am not giving up!! I am bringing my journal on vacation. 
  • Do bands and physical therapy workout daily.  Only missed one day when I was really sick.  


Hi. Hope you had a great week :) Continue to meet/exceed goals:

  • Ate 2-3 servings every day this week: loving a washed/bagged/specialty salad mix, by B&W Gourmet Farms, that I can often find at Kings (red/green watercress pea tendrils, arugula, red/green spinach, red/green sorrel). Also ate sauteed collards and steamed spinach. Body’s been craving them- even contemplated having some for breakfast this morning!
  • Although hard to do, have been forcing myself to smile (and remember that I DO love to train) at the beginning of the first and last band sets to get myself psyched up. Have also been smiling at the end of my stretch routine, after namaste.


  • Take cold shower for 30 seconds every day (strengthens immune system and wakes your ass up :-) Done! No problem now!
  • Contact one friend or business contact everyday.  done- Couple of extra one day!
  • Work out with 2 friends every week to add fun to band workouts. done- great workouts! Done
  • Continue daily food journal and gratitude journal. Done- Piece of cake
Haven’t heard from Team Members:
Lori, Karen
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