Peter’s Challenge: Day 1, New Hampshire, and 4 beers for dinner!

Ok, so I was visiting my sister in New Hampshire with my family and she has the coolest group of friends. One beer led to 4 but I still stayed near my 2000 calorie daily limit.  Hey, I didn’t say I would be eating perfectly, just controlled.  But I ate tons of veggies and went light with dessert. Keep in mind this is not how I usually eat and I will probably eat very lite during the day to offset some drinking and larger dinners.

Here’s what my day looked like.

6 am NJ Workout: 20 minute bands.  300 calories burnt

6:30 am Breakfast:

  • 2 hard boiled eggs (160 cals) 1 oz cheese (90 cals) = 250 cals
  • 2- 12 oz water
  • 12 oz iced coffee black

9am – 1pm Drive to Portsmouth, New Hampshire

2 pm NH Lunch:

  • 12 oz Fruit Smoothie (strawberry and mango) with Green Power (spirulina) = approx 300 cals

3 pm Bookstore- bought a great book, In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan.

5 pm Happy hour

  • 1 beer, led to 4 beers by end of night. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (my favorite) 166 cals x 4 = 664 cals
  • 1 serving grapes = 100 cals


7 pm Dinner- BBQ in sisters back yard. (I rarely go vegetarian, but in honor of my sister, who is one, I did.  I survived)

  • 2 cups grilled veggies = 150 cals
  • 1 veggie burger = 300 cals
  • 7 grilled shrimp = approx 100 cals
  • 1 small slice berry crumble pie 200 cals
Total calories = 2064 – 300 cals (exercise) = 1764 (hit my goal of under 2000)

Off to a beach workout in the morning with the kids and sis. See you tomorrow.

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