Peter’s Challenge: Day 2- New Hampshire, Beach Workout & Lobster

If you’re my client you know I always ask you one thing, “What’s your vision?”.  In other words, “goal”.  It can be far reaching or immediate. My vision for this trip it to hopefully inspire you by sharing my health challenges on vacation, and to be a accountable to you for my health goals. But I have another secret vision, more vain but no less compelling. I want to look good on the beach.  Maybe I’ll post a pic later this week of me on the beach, but only if the lighting is right and I stay away from bloating foods the night before :-)

Here’s what my day looked like.

6:30 am NH- Drive to the beach in my sister’s partner’s car with my kids:

7 am NH-  Workout: 20 minute bands on the beach with my sister, Dimitra, and my kids =  300 calories burned.  (My sister is one of my favorite people. She is a physical therapist who specializes in treating dogs, yes dogs. How cool is she?)

9:30 am Breakfast in hotel:

  • egg white omelet w mushrooms, peppers & onions  = 150 cals
  • fresh fruit- pineapple and watermelon = 100 cals
  • 2- 12 oz water
  • 12 oz iced coffee black

12:30 pm NH Lunch on beach:

  • 1/2 mozzarella and roasted peppers on hero = approx 350 cals

5 pm- met with my sister’s friend Margaux French, ND (a naturopathic doctor)

6 pm NH happy Hour

  • 12 oz Sam Adams Summer Ale = 166 cals

6:30 pm NH- Dinner overlooking the water

  • 1/2 order of fresh mozzarella and tomato = 100 cals
  • 4 oz lobster over salad greens, very light dressing = 150 cals
  • 3 oz grilled chicken (swiped from my daughters plate = 150 cals
  • 5 sweet potato fries = 100 cals
  • 2 oz fresh coleslaw = 80 cals
  • bunch of fresh green beans = 40 cals
  • 1 oz lobster roll (no bread) swiped from my mom’s plate = 100 cals
  • 5 chips = 100 cals
  • Dinner total = 820 cals
Total calories = 1586 – 300 cals (exercise) = 1286 (hit my goal of under 2000)

Heading to Cape Cod tomorrow morning with a possible short stop in Boston. See you then!

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