Peter’s Challenge: Day 4- You’re “Kick-Ass” comments & I’m officially sick of lame salads like this…

I’m excited to report in to you; but first, here’s what some of you have been writing. Thank you and keep the comments coming. It inspires me!

“Thank you for sharing all your tips and inspiring all of us, even while on vacation!  I appreciate that you are making the time for us.”

“I read all your blogs and I’m heading on a little trip myself.   I wrote  down the exercise bands on my list of things to take.  You’ve also given me some ideas on what I can eat.  Ever since I first started the exercise bands I’ve lost 9 pounds and have kept them off.  So thank you for posting and don’t stop.”

“Wow, you are really doing amazing. Keep it up!”

And one of my favorites:

“You do know that a bunch of us curse you when you say things like “I’m not eating enough calories – will try harder on that front tomorrow.”

Here’s what my day looked like:

6 am Chatham, Cape Cod- Beach Workout; You know how in the movies you might see someone working out on the beach, sweaty muscles glistening in the breaking dawn, wind gently kissing their body and the sounds of seals and gulls creating the perfect place? Well that’s not what I experienced. It started out that way, then I was bitten by exactly 5 million tiny flies.  Got my workout done and got the hell out of there :-0

  • 20 minutes bands on the beach = 300 cals
  • 20 minute hill run along shore = 300 cals

8:30 am – Breakfast; I try to limit bread and pasta because I think the gluten bloats me, makes me feel crappy, and that saps my motivation. If I don’t look and feel good, I’m not happy. I suspect many of my clients are gluten intolerant and studies show it’s one of the factors that make it harder to lose weight and feel good.

  • 2 egg whites on what looked like an English muffin but they called it a Portuguese roll.  = 230 cals (eggs = 30 cals, bread = 200 cals) (I was limited with what they served- bagels, rolls, muffins, donuts and more bread. Thankfully they had eggs, although microwaved- yum, not!
  • 2 bites of my daughters bagel with cream cheese = 50 cals (She says my bites are too big!)
  • 16 oz water
  • Coffee black
2 pm Lunch- Pizzeria in town:  I’m pretty sick of an iceberg lettuce salad with 1 strip of wilty red pepper, a partially frozen cucumber slice, canned olives with a cardboard tang, topped with congealed “Italian dressing” in a hermetically sealed packet (I suspect Italians cringe when they call it that).  I could have had the pizza like my kids, but I knew I wanted a bigger dinner.
  • Small (LAME) salad = 150 cals
  • 20 oz water
  • 1/2 slice of pizza eaten for survival purposes after my un-satisfiying salad = 100 cals

6 pm Dinner- I’ve told you before that breakfast and lunch for me are mostly functional; meaning I eat for fuel, nutrition, and low cal, because being a foodie, I love to indulge at dinner when I feel like it, without the guilt or residual flab.

  • 12 oz Corona Light = 109 cals
  • 1/2 dozen raw oysters = 50 cals
  • 6 oz baked cod = 180 cals
  • 4 spears asparagus = 25 cals
  • plain baked potato = 161 cals
My meal was not filling enough so I started foraging the table for scraps and came up with:
  • 1/2 eaten prime rib, 6 oz = 480 cals
  • 1/2 cheeseburger with half roll = 200 cals
  • 3 bites chicken parm = 150 cals


This was cool. They had a “healthy plate” choice on the kids menu which my kids devoured.
8 pm Dessert- Took a walk to the beach for pictures first
  • 10 dark chocolate covered cranberries = 115 cals (yum!)
Then went to library annex where they sell used books. I got 13 books for $17 dollars!
Total calories  1970 – 600 cals (exercise) = 1370 (hit my goal of under 2000) I do feel bloated. May be the bread.

Disclaimer- Tomorrow I will be eat fried clams, along with anything else they like to fry. Yes, it is true, I am human.  This serves as your only warning and you cannot tell anyone that your health coach eats fried stuff. What would they think. My secret’s safe with you, right? ;-)

See you tomorrow. Train on the beach in the morning?

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  • ndelaportas

    You’re right, when you I eat crappy I feel like crap. I just need to get focused. When you get home we are getting together. I need focus and you my friend are super focused! Thanks for all you do for us and let’s bring it home to New Jersey.