Peter’s Challenge: Day 5; Final Day- Picture of my “infamous” journal, and “Is that a fried bladder you’re eating?”

Remember on day 3 I wrote that the heather I eat, the healthier I want to eat. Well, for me, the same is true of unhealthy eating. I did enjoy a huge plate of fried seafood last night, picture and calories below, but now I’m craving more.  Before last’s night planned splurge all I craved was lean protein, fruits and vegetables. This morning I woke craving scones and muffins, food I rarely eat or crave.  Why?

I think it has something to do with the chemistry of food and a mix of reverse psychology. There’s no denying the fried seafood I ate last night tasted delicious to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it without guilt, because I ate great and trained hard all week.  Now, after one “unhealthy” meal, my mind is focusing on more unhealthy foods full of carbs and sugar because I am telling myself I should eat healthy today. My mind is mourning the loss of more “treats”.  It’s simple reverse psychology; all week I knew I would indulge at the end of the week, now what do I have to look forward to?  It’s also chemistry; our bodies crave fat and sugar calories for survival and it doesn’t discriminate.  That’s our mind’s job.

This is where 90% of people can lose focus.  I have 2 choices; continue eating poorly and feel and look like crap, or go right back to the way I know I want to and should eat.

Hope this makes sense. Basically, I love looking and feeling great, and also love high fat and sugar meals sometimes. But I love the former more, so the latter gets put back on the planning list. Get it?

20 years ago last nights meal would have sent me into a downward spiral. I know better now; I want health, success, fun, confidence, connecting with you, being a great role model for my kids.  All these things kick-ass and make a pile of fried food look less appealing in comparison.

The picture above is of my journal, which I know some clients would like to me to stick somewhere private :-) .  To me, writing your life on paper, your dreams, disappointments, aspirations and anxieties, makes you more accountable to yourself and those you love. No lecture here, you want a great life full of health and love, write it all down. It makes it real instead of the fantasy some never get to experience.

Thanks for being with me this week. It’s meant more to me than you know. See you around town…

Here’s what my final day looked like: (It was a doozy!)

6 am Beach Workout (No, I didn’t learn my lesson and the flies were waiting for me)

  • 20 minutes bands = 300 cals
  • 20 minute run = 300 cals

9 am Breakfast at a local diner with the grouchiest waitress who wouldn’t let me get my eggs sunny-side up because the grill was too full; huh?

  • $5 Breakfast special; 2 eggs (160 cals), thin sausage patty (125 cals) home fries (175 cals) dry whole wheat toast (200 cals) total = 660
  • 20 oz water
  • black coffee

2 pm Lunch on the Beach: Very light lunch because breakfast was heavier and dinner will break the bank!

  • small fruit cup = 100 cals

4 pm Happy Hour; Back in my room, reading Spark, which Susan gave me, my kids hovering. Life is Good!

  • 12 Corona light = 109 cals

6 pm Dinner; Met friends at the Kream n Kone, a Cape Cod landmark and sight of many a wrecked diet

  • Fisherman’s Platter: A young boy at the table remarked, “You’re eating a fisherman’s bladder?”. Might as well at that point. Hard to estimate calories because of the obscene amount of mix and max of fried clams, haddock, shrimp, scallops, fries and onion rings. My best guess is = 2000 cals
  • Cape Cod Red Beer = 165

7:30 pm Dessert. If you’ve noticed I havent had much of any dessert all week. Saved it up. We invited friends back to the room for the kids to play and listen to the Chatham Band play 80 year old favorites. The people we were with, the smiles on my kids faces and the surrounding music and atmosphere made me feel like a humble king.

  • 15 dark chocolate covered cranberries = 150 cals
  • 3 dark chocolate covered pretzels = 225 cals
  • large glass of wine = 150 cals

Total calories   3559 – 600 cals (exercise) = 2959 cals (way over my 2000 cals per day goal) (BTW- conventional advice says I can eat 300o cals a day for my age, height and activity level. Bullshit. Don’t believe everything you read. Find what’s right for you.

Today’s calories will not effect my weight or focus much. Tomorrow I’m back to my routine, much richer for the experiences.

Thanks for being here. It was fun reporting in to you and I hope I see you soon! See you around town :-)

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