Susan’s & Her Team’s Health Challenge Update: Total wt loss = 9.3 pounds but suffers a bout of “Kankles”

We are coming down the home stretch. Susan’s challenge ends on Sept 1, that’s this Saturday!

Something incredible happened this past week, Susan did her band workout 5 times.That’s a new record for her! Well done Susan. I bet she thought she’d never be able to do it, and I hope she stops to reflect on this accomplishment. by exercising consistently, her body is not only getting stronger, but her brain is getting stronger and she is slowly conditioning herself to like the benefits of exercise.

She also talk about her “kankles” and sets some great goals to combat them. That’s empowering instead of relying on meds alone and playing the victim.

Thanks to Mary, Elana, Jane, Elizabeth and Peter for checking in.

We haven’t heard from Ann Marie, and Karen and are anxious to hear how they are doing!

Here is Susan’s Update:

The info below is my week at a glance.  I had a so-so week.  I had a loss this week of 1.2 pounds.  My goal was to lose a minimum of 2 pounds per week which I did not accomplish this time around.

(8/18 – 8/24) 7 days, 35 points possible per category, 105 points maximum score:

  • Eat 3 -5 healthy meals per day: 25/35
  • Exercise 5 times this week, minimum of 5 minutes per day: 25 / 35
  • Journal all meals, exercise, & stressors per day: 25 / 35

Total Score Earned: 75 points

Special Personal Goal: Do not eat crap from the snack bar while at the pool: Achieved this goal 2 out of 3 days.

Here are the positive things/changes that occurred this week:

  • The accountability of this 7 week Challenge- It’s keeping me honest, and it is strengthening my resolve to permanently shed my excess weight and become physically fit.
  • Signed up for a fall walking club in a local state park.
  • Used bands 5 days this week- a new record.
  • Caught up on all that piled up e-mail.

Stressors for the week:

  • Exhaustion: 12 to 14 hour work days- looking forward to September and the more leisurely days to come.
  • Difficulty in falling asleep early and waking up on time. Needing to wake up and start my day before the light of day, existing on 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night on average- this is getting old.
  • Frustration in regard to not being home enough to get anything done in my own house, or see enough of my family.
  • Stabilizing my blood pressure which is completely out of whack.

Weight on 8/17:  268.1 lbs /  Weight on 8/24:  266.9 lbs

Loss this week:  1.2 lbs – Week 6 of Challenge

Total Challenge Loss:  9.3 lbs

Total Loss to Date:  64 lbs

This week the challenge is the only thing that has kept me somewhat in check.  I get the most amazing e-mails from everyone taking part.  Every time I even contemplate eating something bad, I have each and every one of them looming up in my conscious.  It reminds me of that scene in Animal House where Larry and his underage date are making out and she passes out cold.  The devil appears on his shoulder and starts encouraging him to do nasty things (I’ll spare you the vulgar dialogue here) and an angel appears on the other shoulder reminding him to behave.  Most of the time- the “angels” win; I step away from the greasy, salty offending carb in question.  LOL  I had 2 days that were tough, one day the kids were positively demonic from the moment I arrived at work until the moment I left- I caved in and ate cheese fries at the pool because I was so stressed, but learned my lesson when I spent half the day afterwards saying things to myself like, I should have e-mailed the team, I should have jumped in the pool, I should have this, I should have that.  I was in a much piss-ier mood after eating too, because now I was mad at myself as well, not just at the kids. Another challenge was Craig’s birthday, cake was involved and it wasn’t pretty.

The other thing I have going on that’s driving me nuts is my science project kankles.  Now I know I can be a drama queen, and yes, I will admit to sometimes exaggerating just a tad- but not about the kankles, really.  I have normal feet usually- I have ankle bones, and yes you can actually see them, except when my blood pressure goes haywire, and then you can’t.  Long story short, I kept my usual quarterly doctor’s appointment to get my blood pressure meds re-filled two weeks ago. My doctor was away on vacation but had someone filling in for her.  The guy was thorough, but a complete assh*le.  He wouldn’t give me my prescription renewals because he wanted me to have blood work done first.  I said, “Look at my file- it’s the same meds I always get, for YEARS!”  No amount of arguing got me anywhere, so I agreed to the asinine blood work and left the office furious and without my prescriptions.  Long story and lots of confusion later- my blood work was fine and my scripts got filled- four days AFTER one of my key medications ran out.  Hence the KANKLES.  The one that ran out has a diuretic in it- meaning it helps regulate my blood pressure by ridding my body of excess water. My ankles and feet swelled to EPIC proportions this week.  My feet looked like 2 big canned hams with Vienna Sausages for toes, my ankles were so swollen I actually had a rolls between my leg and foot when I tried to flex my feet.  Key word here is try- I could barely move them.  They ached from the pressure of all that fluid and felt like they were literally about to burst. Craig takes one look and cringes when this happens and knows better than to comment on their freakish appearance.  I catch strangers looking, and kids just flat out ask me “What’s wrong with your feet?! They look funny!”  So I got my meds, and I have been peeing, and peeing, and peeing… I am almost back to normal, but its taken most of the week, and I am still trying to baby my little piglets, er, feet.

I set a goal for myself for this upcoming week- no processed foods, as little sodium as possible, and as much rest as I can grab.  If I can achieve this, my feet will thank me, my kankles will be completely gone again, and I can stop scaring the kiddies.  :o )

Susan’s Team Update:


Short term Goals
  1. Lose 10 pounds by 9/1/12 - Lost 7 lbs total – gained 2 lbs back over the last two weeks. Even with a 3-day-in-a-row baseball trip last weekend, I think this is pretty good.  I counted every beer and all my food at the ballpark.
  2. Food Journal Daily - Journaled every day via Fitbit Foodlog
  3. Read in bed at night instead of Netflix-watching on laptop – helps me sleep better and cuts down on stress/anxiety - Achieved 6 out of 7 nights. 
  4. Just ordered a Fitbit and will follow my progress with this device - and become ”connected” with family/colleagues/friends who have the same device for added accountability. Monitored/used Fitbit every day.  I took 15,000 steps yesterday just commuting, walking around to client meetings, etc.
Daily plan:
  • Take a regular lunch, away from my desk, at least 2 times a week – do something non-work related during this lunch - Every day this week was a business lunch.
  • When entertaining for work or out socially, substitute at least one round of drinks with seltzer - All but one baseball game I stuck with this.
  • Bands three days a week - Check 
  • Work out with a friend at least once a week – plan ahead and get it on the calendar! A friend in my neighborhood went for a bike ride with me last night.
  • Mix up work outs – spin, elliptical, ride bike outside, and what else?  Focus on the fun in these varied work-outs. Check.  Even let my friend talk me into a night time bike ride last night.  We rode way out of our way to go to dinner and then the long way back again.  Before this challenge, there is no way I would have ridden my bike and/or gone out to dinner and/or ridden my bike to dinner at 8:30pm.  Also a fun way to spend the last few summer evenings.


  • I achieved all of my goals and lost another 2 pounds. I am up to 8 pounds since the challenge began.


  • Eat AT LEAST one serving of DARK leafy greens every day- Done! This week dishes included: arugula salad w/shaved raw fennel/sliced almonds/lemon juice, sauteed spinach w/garlic, egg white omelet w/steamed kale/onions/garlic/local organic tomatoes and wilted arugula w/grilled salmon. YUM :)
  • Smile during band workout- Done!


  • Drink 60 oz of water … probably about 20 oz more on most days
  • Record all meals in a journal during or at end of day …. I finally am doing this and it isn’t too painful :)  I also notice that I have been snacking a lot less this week because I am more conscious of what I am eating.
  • Do bands and physical therapy workout daily … I enjoy every minute


  • Take cold shower for 30 seconds every day (strengthens immune system and wakes your ass up :-) Done, starting to like it.
  • Contact one friend or business contact everyday.  Done, exempt when traveling for business
  • Work out with 2 friends every week to add fun to band workouts. Not done because traveling for business
  • Continue daily food journal and gratitude journal. Done! Love this
See you next week!
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