How your faith can help you get fit


Several times a year I present health classes to the students at the The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in NYC.  One thing I’ve learned form working with priests and students is, we can use our faith to motivate ourselves.

Imagine; Instead of exercising to burn off the bagel you ate, you trained your body for the strength, confidence and fortitude to fulfill your spiritual mission.  That concept resonates when you have faith in something bigger than yourself. You can call it God or whatever is appropriate for you.

Last night the people in the class I taught revealed personal pain and challenges that have held them back from being healthy and living a fulfilling life. We all filled out my Fit Lifestyle Map and created our own personal vision for health. I applaud them for their honesty and humility.

The take away: Dedicate your health to a higher purpose. Align your eating and workouts with fulfilling your mission in life. Last night I was also reminded about the pain many of us suffer emotionally, on the inside, but also of the incredible potential we all have to live a life of health, passion and connection. Health is a great vehicle for getting there.

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Club members can download the Fit Lifestyle Map here >

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    We are grateful for the time you spent with us, your sensitivity, your good teaching about spirituality and health. Thank you! — The Rev. K. Jeanne Person, Director, Center for Christian Spirituality, General Theological Seminary.

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    Thursday’ workshop was beneficial on several levels: it addressed the deeper issue involved in health awareness and provided space for ‘letting God’ enter the wellness milieu conversation. Thank you for the safe environment you provided for us to express our needs. Kathleen Ullmann (KTU)