How Stress Increased Her Heart Rate and, FREE HR Monitor App…

Last week a group of 5 MTF+ club members got together for my new total mind body workout. BTW- I’m looking for a name for it. So far PK Max is in the lead because “20 Minute Mind Body Workout” is already taken.  Send in your suggestions.

I showed the team a new free smart phone app that measures heart rate; and taught them how to use it when working out to maximize their benefit.

Soon afterwards, I received a text from one of them saying she checked her heart rate after getting off the phone with her car mechanic regarding expensive repairs for her car.  She noticed her heart rate was as high as when she was exercising.  That’s bad.

When we are stressed, our heart rate elevates releasing adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones into our bloodstream to help us deal with the stress. The problem, if we’re not actively moving when these hormones are released, we can store more calories as fat and become prone to lack of motivation, depression and diseases. Read more about how stress can us fat here >

The take away:

  • Be aware when you are feeling stress
  • Try your best to move your body immediately or asap to put those hormones to good use
  • Breath deeply
  • Re-interpret the cause of the stress; is it that bad, what can you do about it now, who can you reach out to for support?

Good luck and don’t let negative stress make you sick.

BTW- We had another great workout this morning and my 3 kids came! Send us an email for details about how you can join us >

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