North Carolina Edition: How Stress Makes Us Hungrier…

I’m in North Carolina speaking at a Wellness Summit and came across some “stress” notes last night, in my hotel room, from a book I recently read.

Do you ever feel that you can eat a mountain of food?  That immediately following a meal, you want another, and wished someone had padlocked the pantry.

Here’s how stress can make us ravenous:

When we’re stressed the body releases glucose into the blood stream to fuel organs for a stress response. The problem arises when we don’t move around during stressful times. That extra glucose (sugar), get’s stored as belly fat- bad for the heart).

The body now needs more glucose for the next stressful event, and sends signals for us to eat more.

Can you see how this cycle can continue repeating itself, and if we’re not actively burning off the sugar, we’re storing it as fat.

What to do about it:

When you’re stressed, immediately stand up and walk, or run, or if you can’t, at the very least move your body in some way to utilize the glucose so your body doesn’t store it as fat. Movement is natures natural stress cure.

How do you deal with stress?


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