Club Member Losses 10 lbs by Using This Workout and Food Strategy…

I love getting these types of emails:

“Got on the scale this morning and I’m down 10 lbs since we started the workout and with my tracking! And it kills me again that you are right!  Thank you :)

What this club member did was start doing our new workout in the park with us. I sttill haven’t decided on a final name.  Maybe “PK Spark 20″?  You can read about it here and email me with any questions.

She also did what I’ve been telling her to do for a year, track her food in a food journal or Club Members can use our Fit Lifestyle Tracker >

That’s how she lost the weight, but more importantly, she’s realizing her health goals. Well done!

What’s working for you. What can I help you with?

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