How to Get Kids to Exercise: My Daughters Perspective

Emma at a Museum

“Dance is my way of exercising!  It keeps me fit. This is my first year in company.  I tried out and got in! Now I can’t stop moving. I love dance!  This is from my daughter Emma’s journal. She’s 9 and well, she loves to dance.

Emma's Journal

On the next page she wrote, “Today I exercised at 7:00 am with my dad. He had to wake me at 6:20.   Even though it was early, I still got up because I love it and it’s so much fun…. I love my dad!

Our Sunday Workout Group

Every Sunday I run a group class in Ridgewood, NJ.  I ask my kids if they’d like to come, and 9 out 10 times they do.  My kids see me eat healthy and exercise almost daily, and they see that I love what it does for me.  I never want them to suffer from depression, being overweight and feeling helpless, like I did years ago.  That’s why I help them find a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

Often parents ask me, “How can I help my kids be healthy?”  ”Lead by example”, I say.  Tie in what they love to eating healthy and exercising.  Make it fun and give them autonomy.  Give them the gift of great health.

Emma K and Me

Please join us on Sundays if you live nearby.  Contact us for more info.

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