Healthy On The Go: LA Edition, Part 2- Octopus

Yuck, is the first response I typically get when I encourage a client or audience member to try octopus, grilled, of course.

My last night in LA, I roamed the downtown for just the right spot for dinner, preferably sitting at a busy bar, people talking, bartenders pouring.  I found just the right place. A roaring fire glimpsed between wooden slats beckoned me in.  I sat at the bar, and was soon joined by Raulee, pronounced like the city in NC.  We talked about traveling, classical music and, what else, sausage and octopus.  She graciously shared her dish, but declined my octopus offer.

Octopus, when made right, is tender, slightly charred, and takes on the flavors of the dressing; olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs work for me.  The next time you get a chance, try it. It’s low cal, no one overeats octopus,  and a good source of protein and iron.

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