My Nightmare


Me speaking at the Working Mother’s Congress, NYC

Last night I had a dream, truth be told, it was a nightmare.

I was speaking to an audience and no one was paying attention, the worst fear for a speaker, besides nobody showing up. There was an unruly group towards the back, so I went over with the intention of motivating them. They started crying and one of them ran out of the room.

It gets worse. I walked toward the front to get the audience back and one of my mentors, Tony Robbins, was setting up to speak next. He totally snubbed me and proceeded with his presentation. I collected my materials and left with my tail between my legs. That’s when I awoke, sweating, horrified, depressed.

I rationalized, it’s just a dream, but you know how dreams can mimic and become reality. I felt like crap. ┬áHave you ever had a dream that just seemed real?

I got up and knew I had to do something, or I’d wallow with this ill feeling. I got dressed, jumped in my car and drove. I stopped in a local town, got my bands out of my trunk, and did my be PK IGNITE workout, in the driving wind and pelting rain. I felt my blood flowing, muscles pumping, the passion returning. I was on fire, alive, awake……not dreaming.

PK IGNITE, my new workout, brought me back to reality. It did what it is supposed to do, help me start my day by being my best self.

Try to start every day with this workout, or one like it, so you can have a great day. Otherwise, that little voice, a bad dream, or negative self talk will stop you from being your best.

BTW- You can’t think yourself out of a bad mood, stress, or depressed state. You have to move your body to increase your heart rate, which helps your brain release those feel good drugs.

Wake up :-)

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