Healthy on the Go: San Diego- Menu Secrets & Chicken Livers

The sun finally came out while I was in town, yeah!

I spoke about stress and did a great stress-busting workout with my audience. My job is pretty cool!  I did lots of walking and ate very well, including the chicken livers I indulged in. See below.

I did 2 of my PK IGNITE workouts today. One in the W Hotel, 5am, and then again when I spoke.

Breakfast- Purchased from a local deli

sd breakfast

  • Naked Green Juice = 270 cal
  • Pretzels & Hummus = 350 cals

Lunch- Purchased in a French Cafe outside the office where I spoke

sd lunch

  • Nicoise Salad , one of my favs  (I didn’t eat the bread) = 300 cals

Dinner- Found, Bon Appetito restaurant on Yelp, in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego. The fact that it was packed on a Monday at 5pm was a good sign!

sd dinner 1

Arugula salad with chicken livers (I had to try it!- delicious) = 250 cals

sd dinner 2

  • Grilled shrimp with white beans (I asked for no butter) = 200 cals

sd dinner 3

  • Orecchiette pasta with sausage and broccoli raab (No butter, I ate half, full!) = 200 cals
  • 2 glasses red wine = 300 cals

Total Daily Calories = 1870

Summary- I broke my rule of eating only plant based during the day, but the tuna in the nicoise salad was prepared with vinegar and it’s my favorite salad!  I stayed under my 2000 cal per day goal and enjoyed delicious and different foods and had some wine :-) ! Until next time…

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