One Strategy For Health, Weight Loss & Less Stress That Never Fails Is…


Never give UP!  Simple, but true.

For at least 22 years I have been obsessed with what makes some people successful, and others not.  The common denominator every single time is, the ones who succeed never give up their dreams.

Abraham Lincoln “failed” for years to get elected to a higher office.  He nobly suffered the ridicule of being called a backwoodsman, an ape, a rail splitter, an uneducated man. His secret for success?   He never gave up or lost sight of what he believed was his destiny and went on to change the world for millions born, and millions yet unborn.

Milton Hershey “failed” for 10 years, going bankrupt several times.  (Anyone see the irony of choosing Hershey as a health example :-) . They do make some dark chocolate products.)

Both never gave up on their dreams, because they believed in them.  That was their secret.

Believe in your dreams and never give up on yourself.  It’s just not an option.

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