Healthy On The Go- NYC: Yoga With Kristin McGee

Kristin home page

I really like yoga.  The reason I don’t say I love it is because I’m as flexible as a steel pole, and I like to be good at everything I try :-)

Recently, Celebrity Yoga Instructor, Kristin McGee  joined me in NYC during an advanced nutrition and fitness presentation for a client. Everyone loved Kristin’s quick and effective workout, including inflexible me.

What I love about Kristin’s teaching is her sincere perma-smile, flow and reminders to connect with our bodies, our breaths and our universe. Even though I look like a dancing bear as I strike my tree pose, I love the connection I feel with my body as I challenge myself to be better, stronger and as Kristin says, to just BE.

Check out Kristin’s site here, and also watch her bend me into a pretzel below:


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