Weak arms & upper body? Try Push-ups


Most of my clients tell me they have no upper body strength.  I show them the modified push-up pictured above on knees and they look at me like I’m deranged.  When I encourage them to try it they blow out 10 or 15 reps.  They work up to 5, 10, or 20 regular push-ups.  You can too.  Here’s how to Beginner:

Tips- Keep your back straight, breath, don’t hold your breath, bend your arms as much as comfortable. As you get stronger you’ll get lower.  Do them everyday and you will make progress fast!


  • Week 1- Do 5 knee or wall push-ups every day this week
  • Week 2- Do 1 regular push-up and 4 knee push-ups everyday this week
  • Week 3- Do 5 regular push-ups and enough knee push-ups to get to 20 total every day this week
  • You get the point; continue until you get to where you want to be


  • Do 100 push-ups per day

If you can’t do a knee push-up then start against the wall. You can do it. Try it right now :-)

You’re arms will start to look great and you’ll be much stronger!


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