Stuck in a Rut? Read This…


I recently spoke with a young man who’s stuck in a rut.  He feels like he’s going nowhere, beating himself up along the way.  When you’re stuck, it’s a tough time to see a better future.  I’ve felt like him many times, even recently.

A mentor taught me, things don’t stay “bad” forever.  Eventually things start coming your way.  I believe our job is to whether the storm, plant seeds, and wait for the sun to bring new life.  Spring is that time.

In my 20 years of observing this phenomenon, It’s those that don’t give up that eventually run into good times again.  If you’re in a rut, don’t give up. It will get better.   Ask yourself, “If I quit now, what would happen?”

Reach out to good people, ask for their help.  You’re not alone.

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