Recipe- Homemade Mixed Greens Salad

Homemade salad mix

Love the sweetness of baby spinach, the crunch of romaine, or the peppery spice of wild arugula?  What if you mixed your favorite leafy greens together for a super salad mix of your own.  I did this recently, picked fresh from my spring garden

Spring Garden


Baby Spinach

Kale- Tuscan, Dinosaur or Lacinato (they’re all the same type, different name)

Wild Arugula

Romaine lettuce

Dandelion Greens

Boston (Butter) Lettuce

Dressing Choices

Lemon, shallot vinaigrette

Garlic, Lime, Cilantro Dressing

Greek Dressing

Mix and max your favorite greens and dressings to spice up your salads. Bon Appetit!

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