Healthy On The Go- Wyoming Edition: Beef, Beef & More Beef

bucket of salad

I can’t say I wasn’t concerned when I saw “bucket of salad” on the fancy steak house menu, while recently in Wyoming.  When it actually came to the table in what I recognized as a mop bucket, I missed home a bit.

While the people I met in Wyoming easily qualified as the friendliest, most down to earth folks I ever had the pleasure to meet, it was difficult to find a healthy meal.  2 dinners consisted of steak, a la bucket o salad, and a burger.  See below.

I did manage to find some healthier alternatives. That included fresh fruit and vegetables, and not much else, for breakfast and lunch, except the last day when I couldn’t resist and had, what else, steak and eggs.  I did work out both mornings in my hotel room, doing my PK IGNITE Workout.

Here’s the strategies I used that helped me stay fit:

  • Steak Dinner- I asked for a plain steak, no special sauce on top, 16 oz, instead of 24, substituted a baked potato for the mashed, and skipped dessert. I ate fruit and veggies for breakfast and lunch to prepare.  To drink I had a half seltzer, half cranberry juice, with a lime- no alcohol.
  • Burger Dinner- I skipped the cheese and butter on the bun, but did have the fries- the vegetable of the day sounded blah.  I also skipped dessert, but had a couple of vodka and seltzers.
  • Steak and Eggs- guilty as charged, but I swapped the butter laden home fries for the fresh fruit, and had the coffee instead of sugar packed orange juice.

The bottom line, I enjoyed beef, one of my favs, but balanced it with meals packed with fruit, vegetables, and little else, and skipped the extra calories of desserts, cheese, butter and juice/soda.

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