Recipe- Poached Pears in Honey Wine Reduction

poached pears 3

I’ve craved a sweet, tender yet firm, translucently orangy red, poached pear for ages.  I finally did a quick search and found this recipe from Julia Child that I tweaked to my liking.  Anything French, from Julia Child is a good starting point.

I prepared this dish with my daughters and we had the hardest time finding patience while the pears gently simmered and the wine sauce slowly and miraculously reduced to a sweet nectar worth its weight in culinary treasure.  Don’t rush this treat.

As always do you best to use LOFS- local, organic, fresh, seasonal, top quality ingredients.  It’s not pear season but sometimes you can break the rules-  Shhh.


Pears, your favorite, ripe- I used 3 D’Anjou

Honey, 1/4 cup, excellent quality- I used Greek

Red wine, 2 cups,  your favorite- I used a friends homemade Italian

Water, 2 cups

Orange zest and juice of 1/2 an orange

Vanilla, 1 tbsp

Clove, 1 whole

Cinnamon, 1 stick, or you can use 1 tbsp powdered

poached pears 1

Gently simmering


Add all the ingredients, except pears, together in a large sauce pan, bring to a simmer.  Peel, halve the pears and scrape out the core using a knife or spoon. I kept the stem on any halves I could for presentation.  Gently place the pears in the sauce pan.  The pears should be just covered by the liquid., If not, add equal parts water and wine.  Flip the pears every ten minutes and cook for at least 20 minutes or until a knife easily pierces the flesh. It could take as long as 40 minutes.  Remove the pears, increase the heat to medium and reduce the sauce until syrupy. Pour over pears and enjoy. Bon  Appetit.

poached pears 2

Pears cooling



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