3 Steps For Staying Motivated


Lost your motivation, recently, perpetually?  You’re not alone.

I have a friend who always seems to be up, motivated, positive, productive, smiling.  I could hate him for it, but instead I admire him. He recently helped me get back on track and focused, (yes of course, we all lose our motivation at times), by reminding me of a simple 3 step strategy:

In the evening, write 3 things you want to accomplish tomorrow.  Sounds simple, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Use this checklist:

  • Break down big projects into doable little tasks; a phone call, email, research, purchase
  • Find the benefit in doing the task. If it’s not something your passionate about,why should you do it?
  • Make sure the tasks are important to your overall success
  • Stay accountable.  Text, email or call a mentor or friend when you complete the tasks
  • Do one thing everyday just because you love it


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