2 Tips For Exercise Motivation

Peterkfitness-5MFTV PK IGNITE Intro

I did’t feel like exercising this morning. I procrastinated, puttering around in my garden, picking wilted romaine leaves, replanting wild garlic chives from a community garden.

I knew I should exercise, and I did, because I had two essential strategies in place:

  1. I actually do exercise I enjoy.  My PK IGNITE workout is total body, builds muscle and cardio health, and is only 20 minutes, 5 times per week.
  2. My workout is super convenient, no excuses. I workout in my family room with a yoga mat and my resistance bands attached to the sliding doors.  No driving, fancy workout clothes, or gym dues, and I get to talk with my kids.
  3. Bonus!   Listen to music that inspires you.
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