Possibly The Worst Nutrition Advice I Ever Heard


A friend’s husband is concerned about his health. His cholesterol and triglycerides are up, and his father died at 52, and grandfather at 42, both from heart attacks.  He’s now 42 and nervous. He saw 2 cardiologists and here’s what they said:

Cardiologist #1- Do the Atkins diet. Never eat grains and fruit and eat as mush bacon as you’d like.

Cardiologist #2- Don’t do Atkins, eat anything you want and take Lipitor.

Neither had a position on exercise.

After picking myself up off the floor, I told him he might want to:

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, pastured or organic meat, poultry, & pork, wild fish, and real whole grains, like quinoa and bulger.  Think of food this way, “If you lived in the wild, what would you eat”.

Then I shared this motivational strategy with him.

Make good food choices because of the people you love, and what you value most.


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