Music to get you pumped and inspired

I recently saw a client and asked her if she likes to work out to music. She actually said no, she valued quiet more than music because she never got to experience it.  She should definitely work out in quietness.

But if you’re the type of person that can hear a song and be instantly transformed to a better place, or reminded of one of the great moments of your life, then by all means, use music to get you there, especially when working out.

Music is one of the best ways to get ourselves to a motivated state.  Here is a list of songs that have a great beat, positive energy and/or lyrics to live by.  Many were played during my week in Palm Springs and every time I hear them I smile and remember :-)  Enjoy.

motivating music playlist copy

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Song: Give a Little Bit…

Song: Give a Little Bit

Album: Let Love In

Artist: Goo Goo Dolls


It’s possible, at times, we over think our lives and it can overwhelm us with doubt and uncertainty.  One way to shift the focus is to “Give a Little Bit”, like the same titled Goo Goo Dolls songs says. The song was originally done by Supertramp. Both versions rock!  Today I’ll do my best and give a little bit to others. Join me in sharing what is special about you with others. Not only are you getting healthier and stronger everyday, but together we can contribute what is so often in short supply, love, kindness and gratitude with those we come into contact with. Listen to the song and give a little bit…

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Great music to work out to, from FFR Members

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Here are some great songs to add to your workout playlist. They came from FFR members. Feel free to send us yours. I compiled a list of my favorite songs that are about 5 minutes long to do your 5 Minutes to Fitness+ workout to. You can see it below. more »

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Pick a motivating song and be “Bulletproof”


My friends always bust my chops because I pick a new song I love after it’s a year or two old already. That’s because I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio. I heard the song “Bulletproof” by La Roux while out and love the theme.

You’re challenge today, should you accept it. Pick a song that will become your battle cry.  Choose a song with a strong beat and words that will serve to inspire you and help you reach your goals. Have fun and let me know which song you choose. Maybe I’ll make a playlist of powerful songs we can all use when working out and conquering the world.

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Song- “This is your life: Are you who you want to be?”

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switchfoot- album-the-beautiful-letdown

Song- This is your life

Artist- Switchfoot

Album- The Beautiful Letdown

Lyrics- “This is your life; are you who you want to be? Is it everything you dreamed of when the world was younger and you had everything to lose.”

My recommendation- Sit in the sun, face tilted up, smile, and think about who and what you love most.  Smile again.  If you can think it, you can make it happen.  This IS YOUR life and you have something special to do.  You’re in control.  Start doing it today. As the song says, “Today is all you have, today is all you’ll ever have.  I hope you have fun and get what you want most.

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Music- This song will get your fire going during your workout

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mat kearney

  • Song- Fire And Rain
  • Artist- Matt Kearney
  • Lyrics-”Do you ever think about me? Do you ever call my name? Ask me now and I’ll give you the reasons my love will not fade”

A special member of the FFR requested more great music for her workouts.  This song has a great beat and just the right pace for your workout and the lyrics that can get that fire going within.  Enjoy and smile while doing your workout.

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Song to get you going; “Just Say Yes!”

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snow patrol

  • Song- Just Say Yes
  • Artist- Snow Patrol
  • Lyrics-”Just say yes, Just say there’s nothing holding you back, It’s not a test, Nor a trick of the mind, only love”

You know the power of a great song and how it can put a smile on your face and take you places you want to be. Listen as this song invites you to, Just Say Yes, and allow yourself to enjoy the ride. Go ahead, it’s ok. BTW- it’s almost 5 minutes long so perfect for you know what: 5 Minutes to Fitness+!

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Great song for your workout!

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Great music with a strong beat and meaningful lyrics can inspire us to get out of our funk and be great.  I recently found this energizing song:

  • Artist- OceanLab
  • Song- On a Good Day
  • Album- Sirens of the Sea

It’s just over 5 minutes long. Perfect for those 5 minute intervals!

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