Your Online Health Coach

Your Online Health Coach

Join the Revolution- Learn the health secrets for looking & feeling AMAZING!

What you’ll get when you join the online club now:

Peter’s 12 week Health Coaching Plan

  • How to eat healthier including menus, cooking videos, eating healthy on the go and more
  • How to exercise smarter with beginner and advanced workouts, videos, stretching guides and more
  • How to get and stay motivated with goal setting tools and videos

Peter’s 5 Minutes to Fitness+ TV Program

  • Over 100 Nutrition, Exercise, and Motivational videos from Peter’s 5 Minutes to Fitness TV Program


  • Nutrition plan and menus to help you eat healthy at home and on the go
  • Workouts that you can do anywhere in minutes a day
  • Motivational strategies that will get, and keep you motivated
  • Unique health tools- tracker, lifestyle map, weekly planner
  • Weekly recipes, monthly challenges, Facebook updates and more
  • 5K and 10K training plans

Money back guarantee.  If you are not fully satisfied you get a 100% refund!