Executive Health Coaching

Executive Health Coaching

Something Different

  • Peter helps busy executives look, feel, and be their best.
  • He inspires and guides them to reach their full potential professionally and personally, while living a  happy life.
  • He uses 3 powerful strategies to change your life: Nutrition, Fitness, and Motivation

Guaranteed Results:

  • Lose 20 pounds by eating delicious, sustainable foods
  • Increase your strength and energy by 75% with cutting edge workouts
  • Overcome obstacles and achieve your full potential


“I dropped 4 waist sizes and look great in my pants!” – Emily

“I lost 40 pounds and 3 dress sizes!” -  Beth

“I’ve lost 40 pounds so far and 7 inches on my waist!”- Russell

“I built 7 pounds of lean muscle in a couple of months!”- Keith

But it’s not just about the weight…

The 3 Principles of Great Health, and Success

Learn what has helped other professionals take control of their health, while achieving their life goals.

1. Nutrition – How to eat to look and feel great, anywhere

2. Fitness – How to exercise for a few minutes a day with maximum results

3. Motivation -How to laser focus your mind on success, and overcome what’s sabotaging you


Peter K’s Coaching will specifically teach you to use these 3 tools that the healthiest people use to help you overcome any obstacle and achieve great personal health and professional success.

You’ll Learn:

  • Sustainable Energy Eating that will help you achieve your ideal weight, increase your energy, and prevent disease.
  • Whole Body Training to get your body ready to fight for what you want and conquer any challenge, while looking great in your clothes.
  • Mind Power and how to overcome any obstacle with powerful visualization tools and goal setting secrets.

A Revolutionary way to be successful, and get healthy

Peter K has created a life changing health coaching program that combines his unique credentials as a licensed physical therapist, nutritionist, personal trainer, and motivational expert. He’s been called missing link in successful personal and professional success.

The 3 secrets you’ll learn during through Health Coaching have helped Peter overcome personal tragedies and financial challenges to realize great personal health and professional fulfillment:

Peter brings to his health coaching sessions his nutrition, fitness and physical therapy background, as well as 23 years of strategies to help you get and stay motivated. Clients have called Peter, the perfect health coach, because he can help you with all your nutrition, fitness, injury and pain prevention and motivational needs.

What to eat for a great workout or race

Peter and his client, Liz Claman, from FOX Business

Get Coached Right, No Fads or Magic Pills:

  • You’ll get a delicious nutrition plan with foods you love.
  • You’ll get an exercise program that’s fun, fast and effective.
  • You’ll learn how to get and stay motivated.
  • You’ll get more out of life, and that spark to get you started.

What’s Special About Peter K’s Health Coaching?

  • Six, 1-hour sessions with Health Coach Peter K – live or via phone/skype
  • Learn the best nutrition, exercise, stress & motivation tips in one place from Peter’s experience as a nutritionist, physical therapist, fitness expert and motivational speaker.
  • Weekly check-ins with Peter with diet analysis, and unlimited text/email support.
  • 23 years of experience working with celebrities, pro-athletes, and people like you, ready to kick butt again!
  • Fast and effective workouts you can do anywhere, including your office
  • An eating plan that will help you eat healthy anywhere
  • Recipes, workouts, stretches, stress strategies, and more

BONUS- Get Peter’s New Book FREE!

Includes 27 recipes















Peter’s special offer, and pledge to you:

I promise to do everything I can to help you look and feel your best. I’ll share every secret I’ve learned from working with the healthiest, most successful people for over 23 years, plus my knowledge as a nutritionist, physical therapist, health coach, speaker, author, and most importantly, father of 3 children that I love and want to have wonderful, healthy lives.


Plus, I’ll offer you a money back guarantee if you don’t change your health, or life.




You can work with Peter K live or via phone/skype. Click below to contact us for more info.

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