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Healthy on the Go: Texas Edition- Randall Loses 80 Pounds! How?

Healthy on the Go: Texas Edition- Randall Loses 80 Pounds! How?

How did Randall change his life? He says, “It’s all because of your presentation…

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Chrissy’s Blog: Her “bad stuff” and “proud of myself moments”

Chrissy steward

When we last left Chrissy she did something I recommend all my clients do; she identified her triumphs, not just her “failures”, during the week.  She’s honestly self assessing by grading herself.  I think that’s brilliant.  She weighed in at 160lb, and reports she hasn’t seen that number in about 2 years, so she was excited.  But there was also some “bad stuff”. Here is her week 3 and 4 check in, including her “extra room in tushy region” pants surprise :-) more »

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Foot & back pain, and what to do about it

Join the Fit Friends’ Revolution and get your foot and other body pain questions answered by your coach, Peter K >

Peter PT

I saw a new client recently who is 24 yrs old with chronic low back and toe pain.  Guess where the source of his pain is.  His feet.  He has pronated (flat) feet and has pain standing and walking for prolonged periods.  If he doesn’t address the cause of his pain now he will develop more serious back, hip, knee and ankle pain and disability as he ages.

If you’re a Fit Friends’ Revolution member listen to my upcoming Health Coaching show on Wednesday May 18, 1:30 pm here where I discuss foot and back pain and what to do about it.  You get this valuable health coaching experience as part of your FRR membership so please take advantage and get out of pain.

If you do have foot or back pain send me an email with your questions and I’ll answer them during the show.  Want to call in live?  Send me an email here >

You can also leave a comment below about your pain and I’ll answer it on the show.

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Live Health Coaching with Peter K today, 1:30 pm EST. FFR Member, you’re invited

You’re invited to hear and be part of a live health coaching session with Peter. Peter’s coaching sessions have changed people’s lives and empowered them to lose weight and more importantly, take control of their health!

What: The Peter K Show (click here to listen)

When: Wednesday 1:30 pm EST

Why: Listen as Peter K shares the secrets to living a fit lifestyle and how FFR members are losing 20, 30 and 40 lbs and up.

How to Paticipate: Click here to listen live or download later, or call (718) 664-6562 to speak to Peter K Live. Have a question you want Peter to answer on the air? Send it here >

“My most successful clients have taken advantage of my health coaching sessions. They will teach you what you may be doing wrong and how to break through to lose weight and live a great life!  I hope you join me as a FFR member as we look and feel amazing together. You don’t have to do health alone when you’re part of the Fit Friends’ Revolution.  That’s why I created it, so you and I can be successful together”


Not a FFR member and want to listen to the show and join the club?  Click here to join us >

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