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Member success. Find out how they’re doing it: Chrissy and others

I started this club with the vision that people like Chrissy, Susan, and Donna would lose weight, but more importantly, take control of their health and get connected with other like-minded people for support, strategy and a place to celebrate each success. That vision has come true. Thank you for being here.  Please…. use the tracker. It has changed people’s lives.  Also, send me updates.  It will change your life.  What’s helping you most? Let us know.

Also, mirror successful people. Copy what they’re doing. That’s what I’m doing to make this club better. I’m stealing, borrowing :-) from Steve Jobs and Apple. more »

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Alison’s Blog: Time to update her marathon checklist

Alison brooklyn_half_1

All of Alison’s hard work will pay off this weekend as she competes in the NYC Marathon. We are so proud and happy for her. We knew she could do it and she has inspired many along the way! Read about her prep before the race. It’s been an incredible journey. If you’re aspiring to run a marathon someday like Alison, you may want to get yourself an online running coach. more »

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