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Success Story: John loses 35 pounds…

Success Story: John loses 35 pounds…

I never met John in person, we’ve spoken once or twice by phone and I respected him immediately because he was honest about his weight and health and his need to make changes.

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Alison’s Blog: “My favorite part of the marathon was…”


The fact that someone can say they have a favorite part of a marathon is amazing in itself.  Alison shares hers below.  A while back we talked about goals in one of our coaching session.  Specifically,  ”Where are you going?”  ”How will you get there?”  Read to learn why answering those questions will change your life. more »

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Susan’s Blog: Marathons, rice cakes and McDonalds


A mentor once taught me, “Do things differently than other people and different things will happen to you.”  The same goes for thoughts.  Translation, better things will happen.  If you told Susan she’d be sitting in a McDonald’s eating a rice cake someday, she might have laughed at the thought. Or if you told her she’s be watching the NYC marathon with the slightest belief that someday that might be her on the course, she might have said you’re mistaken.  Down another 1 1/2 lbs, she is in the zone physically and mentally. more »

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Alison’s Blog: “The 2011 New York City Marathon. Been there, ran that.”

Alison brooklyn_half_1

Well, she did it.  There was never any question in my mind wether she would.  I’ll let her tell you about it. One word- riveting! more »


Congratulations to club members Alison & Craig for finishing the NYC Marathon!

They did it!  Congratulations to them.  We’re proud of you and we hope you take a moment to reflect on the incredible feat you just accomplished.  We’re impressed.  Well done to everyone who ran in the NYC Marathon.

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Good Luck NYC Marathoners; Alison, Craig, and others


I especially want to give a shout out to Alison, whom I have coached for the past several years and who has completed everything she has set her mind to.  Enjoy the day and know that we are proud of you for what you have accomplished and thank you for sharing your journey with us.  You are great and thanks for being part of the club.

Also, good luck to club member Craig. Have an awesome race and high- five everyone at the finish line for us.

And good luck to everyone running the race. Remember to pause, if only for a moment, as you look out into the sea of runners, and acknowledge what you have accomplished.

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Alison’s Blog: Walking in NYC with a boot, tendonitis and pinched nerves


This is the type of boot that Alison has had to wear this past week.  Today she found out if she can run the NYC marathon.  Read about it below. more »

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Alison’s Blog: Seventeen mile run- done

Alison brooklyn_half_1

Alison asked me to coach her for her upcoming 17 mile run as she prepares for her 1st marathon this November.  I love to remind her how far she’s come since we first met.  A dozen or so 1/2 marathons and triathlons later, she continues to step out of her comfort zone and succeed. I hope you are stepping out of your comfort zone and realizing you have something special to accomplish and share, like Alison.   Read on… more »

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Alison’s Blog- She qualifies for the NYC Marathon!!

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Alison qualifying_race_20101205

That’s Alison above qualifying for the NYC Marathon. You never know what you’re capable of so never limit yourself!

Alison:  Last June I did my first triathlon ever, and Peter K did it as well. The bike course in this triathlon was 16 miles long, 3 of which were straight uphill. While I was pumping the pedals on my exceptionally heavy (i.e. crappy) bike and trying to determine if the burning sensation in my legs was just my muscles working so hard or if my quads had actually caught fire, Peter easily caught up to me. He was smiling, enjoying the workout and barely breathing hard (the way I remember it, he was sipping an iced green tea at the same time, but I think I was just hallucinating at that point). Anyway, more »

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