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Weak arms & upper body? Try Push-ups

Weak arms & upper body? Try Push-ups

Do this every day!

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How to turn your conference room into a gym. A Chicago success story.

How to turn your conference room into a gym. A Chicago success story.

Watch as these awesome ladies project a Peter K workout on the wall and follow along for a great lunch-time workout as a team. Start your own office team to stay motivated and accountable.

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Great arm toning exercise that will strengthen your core too!

Pushups with Alexander

This is me with my coach, Alexander. He’s tough but fair :-)

One of the best exercises to tone arms, chest and your core and increase your upper body strength is the push-up. Before you wince, here’s how to do it right, while keeping it simple.

Start: on your knees with 1 or 5 reps

Advance: once you can do 10 on your knees, try 5 regular style and work up to 10, 15 or 20 reps.

How often? Do push-ups 5 times per week as part of your Peter K workout

FFR members- follow this link to see a push-up and carbohydrate challenge you can take >

But don’t take it from me alone, FFR member, Dee, is living proof that you can start with 1 knee push-up and work up to 15 regular push-ups. That’s exactly what she did.


She also lost 15 llbs and competed in her 1st 5K with the Fit Friends’ Revolution!  She joined the FFR and changed her life, and so can you.  You’ll be hearing more about Dee and how she succeeded soon. Until then, 1 push-up……

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This exercise helped me get on QVC. Why, maybe, you shouldn’t hate it

5 Minutes to Fitness+ Club coming September 2010

jane pushups knees

Yes, it’s the dreaded push-up.  But wait, before you say you “hate it”, think about this. That which does not kills you makes you _________.  Yes, stronger, and that’s the point of a push-up.  It will make you physically and mentally stronger so you can get the things you have to fight for in life.

Don’t worry if you can’t even do one now.  I have clients who started with 1 push-up against the wall, progressed to 10 knee push-ups (Jane is doing it above from my 5 Minutes to Fitness+ DVD) and finally, 10 regular push-ups, and they are stronger and fitter than they’ve ever been.

How did a push-up help get me on QVC?  I took one of the toughest exercises in my 5 Minutes to Fitness+ core exercise program DVD and for 2 years, every time I did my push-ups I thought about how nothing would stop me from getting my DVD on QVC.  The strangest thing happened.  It worked :-)

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